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Composition of University Finance Committee
The Academic Council shall consist of the following members namely :-
1. Vice-Chancellor Chairman
2. Pro Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs Member
3. Pro Vice-Chancellor, Administration Member
4. Registrar Member
5. Treasurer Member
6. Director  (Human Resource Management & Relations) Member
7. Finance comptroller       Secretary
8. Deputy Finance Comptrollers Members
9. Two members of the Society to be nominated by the Chairman/ Chancellor
10. Ex-Officio members: Member
  a.  Director (University Development)  
b.  Director (Research)
c.  Director (Extension)
d. One Director to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor for a period of one year.
11. One nominee of Govt. of Uttar Pradesh (Department of Agricultural Education and Research/U.P. Council of Agricultural Research) Member
12. One nominee of Central Govt. (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) Member
13. Two Financial Experts nominated by the Vice-Chancellor