Prof. (Dr.) Teruo Miura

Makino School of Continuing & Non-Formal Education,
Shiats, Rewa Road, Naini-211007
Phone: +91-0532-2684306
Fax: +91-532-2684306

Makino School of Continuing & Non-Formal Education

About us
The school facilitates improvement of quality of life for dispowered, disadvantaged groups through holistic, integrated rural development activities and capacity building of village communities. A number of appropriate farming systems with organic farming approaches have been introduced to students, NGO workers, and local farmers, being emphasized on integration and diversity. Moreover the school activities embrace organizing farming community, food processing, alternative marketing system, health and nutrition, and rural education.

Lab Facilities
Laboratory for tissue cultivation for mushroom / water testing / egg hatching is installed on site


Courses Offered
1. Special Course for Sustainable development
2. Agriculture technology training based on small scale farmers
3. Community organizing / Leadership for rural resource training
4. Health and Nutrition training for rural mother
5. Environment Education seminar for rural primary students