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Ethilind School of Home Science

Department of Home Science
Department of Foods & Nutrition

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Prof. (Dr.) Mrs. Ranu Prasad
B.Sc. (Home Sc.); M.Sc. (Food Sc. & Applied Nutrition) ; Ph.D;

Ethelind College of Home Science (ECHS),
Shuats, Rewa Road, Naini-211007
Phone: +91-532-2684553
Fax: +91-532-2684394

Ethelind College of Home Science (ECHS)

About us
The Department of Home Economics came into existence in the year 1932. It is thus one of the oldest departments imparting home science education in the country. In 1997, the department became the College of Home Science and Women's Development and later it was renamed as Ethelind School of Home Science. At present the Ethelind School of Home Science rechristened as Ethelind College of Community Science, works towards the objective of imparting community science education to promote cognitive and effective learning among students for technology transport to both urban and rural families within the culturally relevant conditions and eco-based farm household system. It aims to strengthen teaching-extension-research linkages through family and community focused research for holistic improvement to enhance the quality of life of rural and urban families at micro, meso and macro-levels of the society with added emphasis on promoting professionalism among students. There are five departments under the College, Department of Food, Nutrition and Public Health, Department of Textiles and Apparel Designing, Department of Human Development and Family Studies , Department of Family Resource Management and Consumer Science, Department of Extension Education and Communication Management, and they have a great deal to offer to those who are interested in higher education in the field of community science.

The departments offer M.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes in addition to the undergraduate programmes in Community Science, Food , Nutrition and Dietetics and a diploma course in Fashion Technology. Rural Entrepreneurship Awareness Development Yojana ( READY) program is an integral part of the four-year B.Sc. Community Science and B.Sc. Food , Nutrition and Dietetics Honours programmes with three components i.e. Experiential learning, Rural Agriculture Work Experience and In Plant Training / Industrial Attachment for ensuring and assuring employability and develop entrepreneurs and to ensure hands on experience and practical training. The READY program is interactive in nature and is conceptualized for building skills in project development and execution, decision making, individual and team coordination, approach to problem solving, accounting, quality control, marketing and resolving conflicts. The College has well appointed classrooms and well-equipped, updated laboratories, with computers and LCDs for classroom teaching, smart classroom and a seminar room for presentations. The Centre of Excellence under the Nutrifarm Scheme of the Govt. of India is established in the College.

Department of Food, Nutrition and Public Health
develops knowledge and skills in micro and macro management of foods for ensuring nutritional security and safeguarding human health. The department trains students as food scientists and nutritionists in an integrated manner to fulfill multifarious roles required of an institutionalist/dietitian/ scientist in the professional arena. The department is committed to research areas of nutrition intervention to combat major nutritional deficiencies/ disorders, development and impact assessment of nutrition communication material, anti-nutritional factors in selected foods, formulation and standardization of therapeutic foods, dehydration of vegetables and their product formulation. The department of Food, Nutrition and Public Health is an area which emphasizes on building knowledge of foods and nutrition, its policies and applications and also on conducting research to improve the health of community. The students will also gain an insight into Food and nutrition related issues arising from social, behavioral and physiological factors. The program will also emphasize on different ways of designing, implementation and evaluation of nutritional programs to improve nutritional status of the community at local, state, national and global levels especially in the vulnerable populations.

Department of Textiles and Apparel Designing
develops knowledge of traditional textiles and costumes and entrepreneurial skills in apparel designing and clothing construction for starting micro-enterprises in the context of the modern world of varied fashion and fabrics. The course programme offered is relevant and need based. The department helps to develop professionalism for fashion/apparel industries through hands on training programme on apparel production. Research is being carried out in garment construction and designing through Computer Aided Designing and clothing for special needs. The department focuses on developing knowledge of textile science and fabric care, techniques of fabric construction, production of eco-friendly textiles and retailing and merchandising of textiles. The research areas include value addition of textiles by dyeing, printing and finishing, bio-polishing of textiles, processing of non-conventional fibers for product development and blending of fibers to enhance fabric properties.

Department of Human Development and Family Studies
focuses on developing knowledge and skills regarding developmental stages of life cycle, provision of stimulative environment for human development and management of micro and macro resources for care of family and children.It offers various courses that focus on the trends of the different phases of human growth from conception to old age. It trains and prepares students through theory and practical work to understand and deal with various developmental stages of the life cycle and their personality development. The research areas include family relationships and child rearing practices, children with special needs, behavioural problems and personality development, human rights and gender issues.

Department of Family Resource Management and Consumer Science
develops knowledge of micro and macro-family resources with emphasis on development of skills for management of eco-friendly household technologies for work simplification; space management, aesthetic enrichment of the house and empowerment with knowledge on family finance , consumer education and practices. It also concentrates on various aspects of management of resources. It aims to give intensive training in the area of housing and interior design, emphasis on development of skills for management of family finance, designing of low-cost furniture for persons with special needs, solar energy technology, ergonomical assessment of household activities and drudgery prone activities, computer-aided interior designing are the major thrust areas of the department.

Department of Extension Education and Communication Management
focuses on the enhancement of the standard of the individuals and thereby of the families as well as communities through teaching, research and extension activities. It helps to improve the quality of life at micro, meso and macro levels of society with emphasis on promoting professionalism among students for mass communication, journalism, NGOs, and extension organizations. Research is being carried out on empowerment of women through SHGs, role of communication media in enhancing capacity building of women, role of NGOs in rural development, Panchayati Raj institutions, environmental issues and social issues. It aims at bridging the technological and knowledge gap between the urban and rural communities.

Teaching Staffs

Dr. (Mrs) Razia Parvez
Associate Professor 

Dr. (Mrs) Ritu Prakash Dubey
Associate Professor 

Dr. (Mrs) Anshu
Associate Professor 

Dr. (Mrs) Neeru Bala
Associate Professor 

Dr. (Mrs) Virginia Paul
Associate Professor 

Dr. (Ms.) Anjali Mathur
Assistant Professor(Sr. Grade) 

Dr. (Mrs) Nisha Chacko
Assistant Professor(Sr. Grade) 

Mrs. Manju Mahananda
Assistant Professor(Sr. Grade) 

Dr. (Mrs) Ekta Sharma
Assistant Professor(Sr. Grade) 

Mrs. Sanghamitra Mohapatra
Assistant Professor(Sr. Grade) 

Ms. Nargis Fatima
Assistant Professor 

Dr. (Mrs) Anisha Verma
Assistant Professor 

Dr. (Mrs) Alka Gupta
Assistant Professor 

Dr. (Mrs) Rekha Verma
Assistant Professor 

Dr. (Mrs) Sunitibala Loitongbam
Assistant Professor 
Non Teaching Staffs

Mrs. Geeta Yadav
Assistant Librarian 

Mrs. Sonia Rohita Paulus
Technical Assistant 

Ms. Divya John
Lab Technician 

Mr. Rajesh P. Lal
Lab Assistant 

Mr. Bheem Bahadur Khatri
Lab Attendant 

Mrs. Meena Devi

Mr. Anil Kumar
Lab Attendant 

Mrs. Sangeeta
Lab Attendant 

Mrs. Khan Smeera
Secretary to Dean 

Courses Offered in Home Science
SHUATS offers the following courses

  • B.Sc. (Hons) Community Science  (Duration: 8 Sem)
    Eligibilty: 10+2 with PCM or PCB or PCMB or Inter Ag. or Home Science with Chemistry and Biology
    (Marks: Minimum 45% marks)
    Download Course Structure BSHCS