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Dr. Rahat Khan
B.Tech.; M.C.J; M.Phil; M.B.A; M.Sc; Ph.D

School of Film & Mass Communication,
Shiats, Rewa Road, Naini-211007
Phone: +91-532-2684360
Fax: +91-532-2684210

School of Film & Mass Communication

About us
School of Film and Mass Communication (SFMC), Faculty of Film, Media Studies & Technology at the University aspires to reach a position of distinction in the region and the rest of the world by offering world class education, conducting research, and serving the community in relevant arenas of interest. Through a commitment to scholarly and creative work that enhances instructional effectiveness and excellence in research, the School of Film and Mass Communication seeks to provide Global who are critical thinkers committed to the pursuit of intellectual distinction and are equipped to perform effectively at professional levels of social and economic importance. SFMC focuses on training of students and media personnel who can function effectively in various media professions especially, journalism, broadcasting, public relations, advertising, media research, media psychology, media education, film and cinematography.

The SFMC as a part of its social commitment and responsibility towards the community within which is situated; running a Community Radio Station, addressing the communities of Allahabad. This FM Radio broadcasts Educational, enrichment and wide range of rich socio cultural programmes by the students; under the supervision of the faculty members produce the radio programmes. FM Radio is a space that provides an excellent learning experience to our students. SFMC Radio station is a good source of hands on experience for student of mass communication. For those students who come and join here find the programme with opportunities which are provided for all round personality development by participating in co-curricular and extra curricular activities. This course will lead to excellent employment prospects. SFMC has been attached to several satellite channels. It produces films and video for these channels.

Lab and other facilities
Students are facilitated to make the full use of SFX & VFX Lab for making their film attractive and visually rich. They are trained to use the software like Maya, Fusion, After Effects, and Nuke etc.

SFMC has a well-equipped and advanced post-production Lab (Film). Here the students are supposed to learn the techniques and aesthetics of Editing. They get opportunity to work on the best software used in the media industries like FCP (Final Cut Pro), Adobe Premier Etc.

(iii) Shooting Floor: -
The SFMC is facilitated with the latest air-conditioned shooting floor one of its kind available only at SFMC in the state of UP. It is equipped with latest equipments. It is meant for the indoor shooting of films which provides the best help for shooting using different kind of lights. Students can learn how to use shooting equipments while making projects as a part of their curriculum.

(iv) Crane & Trolley Set-up:-
SFMC has a complete set of Crane, Trolley, Track, Jimmy Jib etc. Students of the department have the complete access to this set-up.

(v) Camera:-
The SFMC is equipped with very latest movie cameras including CINEMA CAMERA URSA (4K Black Magic), Canon, Sony & other along with PD Series, Z Series HDV, DSR 390 Digital camcorders & other used for cinematography. The students get on-hand experience by using these camcorders and camera during film shootings.

(vi) Lights & Accessories:-
During shooting of the fiction and non-fiction films students are guided to make the full use of Lights available to them. Department has different kind of lights like Baby, Multi, Solar, HMI & Kino (4 Bang) lights with Filters, Reflectors & Cutter stand for making quality film.

A well-designed and hi-tech recording studio is the milestone for SFMC. Here students of Mass Communication and students from related field are trained under the guidance of Experts. The students learn various aspects of audio recording, dubbing, and sync sound. As a part of post-production the students here also learn about Sound Effects.

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