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From the Chancellor's Desk

"We look up to God with hearts full of gratitude for all His mercies during the year gone by. Gearing up for the new academic year is a new challenge for us to live and serve the Church and the Nation through the University. The University is a very unique instrument of service for physical and spiritual needs of the people of our Land created by Gods anointed leaders. Therefore, enabling the incoming and continuing students become achievers and nation builders continues to be our cherished goal.

It is heartening to note the excellent performance recorded by our passing out students; bagging several medals of distinction and certificates of merit. We are also happy that our dedicated university teachers continue to top the list of special recognition by the ICAR and the allied bodies. It is the profession plus that our teachers deploy in grooming students in various branches of study and research of our university that makes a difference for our upcoming scientists, engineers, managers, social and educational activists and spiritual torch bearers. The success rate of campus recruitment is an indication of the fact that serious studentship our wards pursue with the back up of the learned and experienced faculty is primary. This continues to hold our students in good stead as they enter the competitive world.

Creating a brand value for the university with a hundred year history and heritage is one thing and sustaining and adding to this brand value is yet another thing. We at the Board of Management of the university are pleased at the purpose driven and God dependent leadership of our Vice Chancellor Bishop Prof.Rajendra B.Lal and his team of colleagues at all levels of the university administration. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

The infrastructure facilities in relation to the Yesu Darbar Prayer facilities, the Central Library, the modernization exercises, the face lift of rural education centers, the new International Student Hostels, the recasting of the play fields are the welcome additions to be committed to our core values and to cope with the growing strength of the students from across the Nation and beyond.

Quality professional education and value based approach to life is non negotiable at SHUATS. Therefore, when a student makes a choice at the SHUATS, the decision is not just towards working for a degree, but gaining a sense of direction, a mission for life's vocation and an all round development to be leaders and value based achievers for the families they come from and the Nation they belong to.

Warm welcome to our incoming students and God speed to the continuing students. May the new academic year bring us all new blessings so that the university and all of us its family, continue to be a blessing to our neighbourhoods and our Nation."