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Centre for Transgenic Studies,
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Centre for Transgenic Studies
The concept of sustainable development forms the basis for a wide variety of international and national policy making. World population continues to expand at the rate of 80 million people per year while the demand for natural resources continues to escalate. Considerable body of evidence has accrued since the first commercial growing of transgenic crops which suggest that they can contribute in all three pillars of sustainability, i.e., economically, environmentally and socially. Presently biotech crops occupy more than 1 billion hectares globally. As the world population continues to rise it would be wise to develop transgenic crops as one of the tools that can help meet aspirations for increasingly sustainable global development. The CTS has been developed to train individuals in the development of transgenic crops to demonstrate its benefits in all spheres of agriculture development and extension. CTS presently has a MTA with the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi on the development of Bt guava using Bacillus thuringiensis cystal protein Cry1Ac etc. While the focus of CTS is predominantly on the development of transgenic crops CTS also has an MTA with the US agriculture research service for the development of transgenic cattle.

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Er. Raghuvir Singh
Assistant Professor 

Dr. Sam A. Masih
Assistant Professor 

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