Prof. (Dr.) Mrs. Ranu Prasad
Prof. (Dr.) Mrs. Ranu Prasad

Department of Food, Nutrition and Public Health
B.Sc. (Home Sc.); M.Sc. (Food Sc. & Applied Nutrition) ; Ph.D;
Area of Specialization
Food science and applied nutrition
Phone No
05322684553 , 9984722224

Educational Details
Ph.DAAIDU, Allahabad2003
M.ScAAIDU, Allahabad1995
B.ScAllahabad University, Allahabad1992

  • Completed PROJECT Funded by SHIATS entitled “Nutritional Assessment Of Rural Primary School Going Children Of Allahabad District”
  • (Co-PI) Project entitled FUNDED BY UPCAR (U.P.) Utilization of micronutrient rich Indigenous foods and their effect on the micronutrient status of school going children in Eastern districts of Uttar Pradesh”.  Budget - 9.6 lacks.

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Teaching Experience

21 years Teaching Experience  UG ,PG & Research

Additional Positions
DeanEthilind School of Home Science
HeadDepartment of Food, Nutrition and Public Health
Member of Anti Ragging CellSHIATS
Research CoordinatorEthilind School of Home Science
ChairpersonFord School
Associate Director Student WelfareSHIATS