Mr. Mahfoozur Rahman
Mr. Mahfoozur Rahman
Assistant Professor

Department of Pharmaceutical Science
Area of Specialization
M. Pharm in Pharmaceutics
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Educational Details
M. PharmaJamia Hamdard, New Delhi2010
B. PharmaJamia Hamdard, New Delhi2008


Broad Area: Nanotechnology and  Drug Delivery systems

Topical drug delivery using nanoformulations for the topical treatment of psoriasis, arthritis and other topical infectious disease.

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  • Rahman M, Beg S, Verma A, et al. Phytoconstituents as pharmacotherapeutics in rheumatoid arthritis: challenges and scope of nano/submicromedicine in its effective delivery. J Pharm Pharmacol. 2016 Oct 24. doi: 10.1111/jphp.12661(IF 2.4)

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  •                                           Book Chapter
  • Mahfoozur Rahman, Sarwar Beg, Mohammad Zaki Ahmad, Firoz Anwar and Vikas Kumar. Graphenes & Their Applications in Healthcare Systems. Graphene Science Handbook Size-Dependent Properties, Cat. No, ≠K20509 Vol 5, Chapter 26, Published (Publisher, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis)
  • Mahfoozur Rahman, Sarwar Beg, Firoz Anwar and Vikas kumar. Beneficial Effect of Long-Chain Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Psoriasis. Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Keys to Nutritional Health (Publisher, Springer, Springer street New York) Expected release Nov 2016
  • Mahfoozur Rahman, Sarwar Beg, Firoz Anwar and Vikas Kumar. Nano-technological carriers for psoriasis pharmacotherapy: The state of the art. (Book entitled as Nano-science in Dermatology, Elsevier)…Expected release by 01 Sep 2016.
  • Sarwar Beg, Gajanand Sharma, Mahfoozur Rahman, Suryakanta Swain. Lipid-based Nanostructured Drug Delivery Systems for Oral Bioavailability Enhancement of Poorly Water Soluble Drugs. (Published in Elsevier)
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  • Mahfoozur Rahman, Vikas Kumar, Firoz Anwar, Sarwar Beg, Abdus Samad.  Liposomal based Therapeutic carriers for Vaccine and Gene Delivery.  Book name entitled as Nanotechnology-Based Approaches for Targeting and Delivery of Drugs and Genes (Elsevier
  •                                                International Magazine
  • Mahfoozur Rahman, Sarwar Beg, Vikas Kumar, Firoz Anwar. Biomarkers as molecular footprints for cancer therapy: Current Prospective and Promises. Drug target review (Publisher, European Pharmaceutical Review, winter 2015 Issue), An International Magazine

  • A poster presented on Linseed oil based microemulsion gel with improved anti-inflammatory effects for topical delivery of nimesulide” ICMR & DST sponsored national conference on "Flaunting Research and Innovative DDS Technologies", on 22nd & 23rd August, 2014, at the Laureate Institute of Pharmacy, Kathog, 177101, Dehra, Distt. Kangra, H.P., India.     
  • Participated in One week UGC networking training course under Module B-1 at UIPS, Panjab University, on From drug discovery to drug delivery: Contemporary trends” from 16 th to 21st March 2015.
  • Research training at Liposome Research Laboratory, Panjab University, Under UGC Networking Course Module A1 (2 months duration from 12th October to 11th December 2015).
  • Participated in Training Program in Educational Science and Technology, training of teachers held at Laureate Institute of Pharmacy, Kathog, H.P., on 5th to 7th April 2015
  • Participated in AICTE sponsored national seminar on “Emerging trends in Pharmaceutical sciences (21st-22nd March, 2009)”.
  • Participated in national seminar on “Current challenges and opportunities in Indian pharmaceutical industry (7th March 2009)”
  • Participated in the 60 th  Indian pharmaceutical congress ( 12th to 14th December 2008)