Dr. Sk. Aktar Hossain
Dr. Sk. Aktar Hossain
Associate Professor

Department of Dairy Technology
Area of Specialization
Dairy Technology
Phone No
sk.aktar.hossain@shiats.edu.in, sk.aktar.hossain@shiats.edu.in

Educational Details
Ph.DNorth Bengal University, Siliguri1995
M.ScAllahabad University, Allahabad1984
B.ScCalcutta University, Calcutta1974

Professional Summary

                                                          Joined as supervisor on March 05,1978. Worked as In charge of    

                                                        different Chilling Plants and as Shift In charge of HIMUL Dairy                                  

                                                           up to February 15, 1979. Completed training on processing,

                                                        quality analysis and assurance of milk and milk products under

                                                        NDDB, Anand-388001 as apprentice of GCMMF.

                                                       ii) Joined as supervisor on May 14,1980 at Matigara  Dairy, HIMUL.

                                                          worked as In-charge of different chilling plants and Shift In-charge                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

                                                          of dairy to process milk and milk products.                                                         

                                                            iii) From 02.10.1996 worked as a Head of Quality Control till the

                                                        retirement- 28.02.2014.

                                                       Experienced of monitoring all related parameters of processing of milk   

                                                       and milk products, propagation of culture for manufacturing of

                                                       fermented milk products like dahi, misti dahi, lassi, youghurt etc.

                                                       Responsibility was carried out to analysis  quality of raw materials,

                                                       different packaging materials  etc., on process, finish products- as a

                                                       whole Total Quality Management of milk and milk products.

                                                _    Good manufacturing practices from producers to plant and to


                                                _    The standards of Sensory, Physico-chemical, Microbiological as laid down

                                                      in PFA & BIS,FSSAI, Food Safety and Standards Act. of milk and milk  

                                                      products were   maintained.

                                              _  joined as a Deputy Manager (Dairy) in Bhagirathi Co-operative Milk  Producers Union  Ltd on 14.03.2016 to                                                             31.05.16

                                          _       Product developed: Lassi, Misti dahi, Dahi, Paneer, Ghee, Sterilized                           

                                                   Flavoured milk .                                           


                               i) M.Sc. Thesis work:- Shelf life studies of paneer with turmeric as preservative.

                              ii) Ph.D. thesis:-“Technological Innovation in Manufacturing Dudh Churpi”.

                                  Market survey and analysis of the Dudh Churpi from Bhutan ,Sikkim and  Darjeeling.

                                  Standardization, Optimization of process parameters. Co-relate the

                                  rheological, textural,  physico-chemical  parameters, shelf life studies of the product.

                                  By  applying different drying  technique, suitable packaging materials for longer shelf  

                                   life  was found out. By applying hurdle technology, the suitable shelf life prediction

                                   was obtained.


                   The product was suitably standardized and optimized by applying hurdle technology

                       to achieve a good quality product.

                 iii) No. of research papers published in National and International Journals:- 14

                         (See the additional sheet)

                  iv) No. of Poster paper presented in International Food Convention (IFCON):-01

                  v)  Radio talks on  awareness of hygenic practices and nutritive value of milk food-Dahi-02


                vi)  Specialization:-Rheology, Optimization of process parameters, packaging, drying ,  moisture

                      sorption, economics and hurdle technology.


                                                 i) As a Head,  Q.C. clean milk production at producers level of milk Union

                                                 under  W.B. Govt. Project  funded by Central Govt.


                                                ii) Nationwide Data Base Project-Microbiological and chemical attributes

                                                studies  of milk and milk products with National Dairy Development  Board,



List of Research Papers

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  2. Pal PK, Hossain SA, Sarkar PK and Patil GR(1994) Compositional and sensory characteristics of Kachcha Churpi.  J. Food Sci. and Technol. , 31(1): 71-72
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Teaching Experience

                                      I) Guide the  project work and Inplant training to many students of

                                         M.Sc. (Biotechnology)

                                         B.Tech. (Biotechnology)

                                          M.Sc. (Microbiology)


                                     ii) Conducted the training program on processing of milk and milk products to the

                                        students  of different nearby nursing collages as well as medical students of MBBS                  

                                        of  North  Bengal Medical college.

                                     iii) Worked as a guest lecturer of Food Microbiology from November 2008 to

                                       February, 2012 in the Department of Microbiology, North Bengal University.

                                     iv)Worked as a guest faculty of M.Sc. Tea Science in the Dept of Tea Technology in 

                                     North Bengal University from Mar,2014 to Jan, 2015.

                                      v)  Examiner of B.Tech. (DT)  of West Bengal University of Animal and                          

                                       Fishery sciences , W.B.

                                      vi) Examiner of  M. Sc. (Microbiology) of North Bengal  University.