Dr. (Mrs) Nisha Chacko
Dr. (Mrs) Nisha Chacko
Assistant Professor(Sr. Grade)

Department of Family Resource Management and Consumer Science
B.Sc. (Home Sc.); M.Sc. (F.R.M.); NET; Ph.D
Area of Specialization
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nisha.chacko@shiats.edu.in, nisha.chacko@shiats.edu.in

Educational Details
Ph.DSHIATS-DU, Allahabad2015
M.ScM.G.University, Ernakulam2002
B.ScM.G.University, Ernakulam2000

Professional Summary

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Family Resource Management







Family Resource Management







Family Resource Management

ST.Teresa’s college,


M.G. University






Home Science

ST.Teresa’s College ,Ernakulam

M.G. University




  • Proficiency to work with computer softwares for Interior designing .
  • consumer guidence 
  • ergonomic analysis/assessment
  • perspective drawing
  • housing and interior designing



1.Impact of values on career decision making of Adolescents –University Funded Project (2013)

Sanctioned amount –Rs 98,000/-

Principle investigator- Mrs Nisha Chacko

Co-Principle investigator-Dr. Sarita Sheikh

Co-Principle investigator-Dr. Anjali Mathur


2. Role of parents in Engendering gender discrimination leading to health in adolescents: An Interventional study-UPCAR funded( 2014-2017)

Sanctioned amount –Rs 9,90,000/-

Principle investigator- Dr Anshu

Co-Principle investigator-Dr. Sarita Sheikh  Co- Principle investigator-Dr. Anjali Mathur

Co-Principle investigator- Mrs Nisha Chacko


 Manual published:

  •  Household Equipment”
  • Computer Aided Interior Designing


Research Publications:

Journals:- International:


  • Jaggi,P.;Kaushik,V.&Chacko,N.2005.Development of Scale on Quality of Life. International Journal of Family and Home Science 1(2),119-122
  • Jaggi,P.;Kaushik,V.&Chacko,N.2005. Development of Scale on Perceived Adequacy of Resources.  International Journal of Family and Home Science 1(1),13-16.
  •  Jaiswal,G.;Paul,S.& Chacko, N.2006 Direct and resist printing of silk fabric using natural dyes.       International Journal of Family and Home Science2 (1), 55-62.
  • Chacko.N & Garg.S,2010. Product development using Madhubani painting on Accessories for Interior Enrichment.Asian journal of Home Science. VOL 4(2)278-280
  • Chacko.N.,Sheikh.S.,Mathur .A and Anshu,2014.Religious values among Adolescents of Allahabad, India.Journal of Asian Regional Association For Home Science(ARAHE)Vol 21(2), 78-84.
  • Puja Singh, Anjali Mathur, Anshu, Nisha Chacko (2015) Impact of body image on self esteem of adolescents boys and girls. The Journal of Asian Regional Association For Home Science (ARAHE) Vol 22(3), 135-147.



  • Sharma.A; Chacko.N & Singhal.I.2007.A study on academic achievement as a function of curiosity in late childhood .Journal of Dairying foods and Home Science 26(1) 61-62
  • Lodhi,L.,Verma ,A.,Chacko,A and Sheikh,S, 2011.Incorporation of garlic paste and flaxseeds powder in the preparation of bread using fresh and dried yeast. Indian journal of nutrition and Dietetics ,48,356 .( NAAS RATING 3.4)
  • J.Khatoon,A.Verma , N. Chacko, and S.Sheikh (2011) “Utilization of dehydrated curry leaves in different recipes”. Indian Journal Of Natural Product Radiant 2(4): 508-511

         ·Verma ,A.,Chacko,A and Sheikh,S (2011)A study on the preparation and keeping quality of dehydrated seasoning mix.Journal of dairing                 foods and home science.( NAAS RATING 3.4)

  • Verma Rekha Aimol Agift Chacko Nisha( 2014) “Online Shopping And Its Impact On Consumer Behaviour In Trans Yamuna Area Of Allahabad” International Journal of Science and Research Vol. 3 issue 8 August 2014 Impact Factor 3.358 Index Copernicus Value 2012: 5.34
  • Nisha Chacko, Mamta Vind , Anjali Mathur (2015). Quality of life of working and non working women in Allahabad city. The Allahabad Farmer. VOL LXX1 NO 1 :96-98
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  • Anjali Mathur, Sonali Singh, Anshu, Nisha Chacko. (2015). Impact of parenting styles on emotional maturity of adolescents. The Allahabad Farmer. VOL LXX1 NO 1 :102-103
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  • Alka Pilania, Anjali Mathur, Anshu, Nisha Chacko, (2015).  gender disparities in attitude towards marriage among adolescents The Allahabad Farmer. VOL LXX1 NO 1 :125-126
  • Diksha Gautham, Nisha Chacko and Rekha Verma. (2015). Postural analysis of adolescents girls using laptop. The Allahabad Farmer. VOL LXX1 NO 1 :127-128
  • Nisha Chacko , Sarita Sheikh Anjali Mathur and U V Kiran.( 2015). A Comparative study on personal values of rural and urban Indian adolescents. The Allahabad Farmer. VOL LXX1 NO 1 :135-140
  • S. Shobna, Chacko.N, Verma .R.(2016).Comparative study on occupational stress among govt. and private working women. International Journal Of Recent Scientific Research .VOL.7, ISSUE 7. ( IMPACT FACTOR  5.971)
  • ShwetaRai, Anjali Mathur, Anshu and Nisha Chacko. (2016). Academic and Financial stress levels of University students.The Allahabad Farmer. VOL LXXI NO 2 : (Impact Factor – 3.12)


In proceedings, seminars, meetings, conventions:-

  • Sharma.A; Chacko, N.2005 A comparative study on the self esteem of early adolescents from single and both parent families. Applied and Community psychology.pp222-225

Popular Articles Published:

  1. Jaiswal, G. & Chacko, N. 2004. “Decoration of clothes by colors: Tie and Dye method” (In Hindi Language). Hamara Gaon. 3(13), 45-47.
  2. Chacko, N. & Jaiswal, G. 2006. “Work Simplification”. Hamara Gaon. 5(20), 37-38..
  3. Chacko, N “Milawat” published in Hamar Gaon.
  4. Chacko, N “Sastte mulya ke detergent” published in Hamar Gaon.
  5. Chacko, N “Vastro se daag dhebba hatane ke gharelo upay” published in Hamar Gaon.
  6. Chacko, N “Vishesh Vastro Ki dhulai” published in Hamar Gaon.
  7. Chacko, N “Ghar Ke Sajawat-Kuch Maulik Siddhant” published in Hamar Gaon.
  8. Chacko, N “Mother and the earth” published in Social Welfare


Short Courses / Symposium/Trainings/Seminars/Conferences Attended:

  • Two weeks training course on Domestic Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables & Nutrition conducted by Community Food and Nutrition Extension UNIT, Govt. of India, from 30thOct-6th Nov.2000
  • Faculty Development Training programme in Entrepreneurship, sponsored by NSTEDB, from 30thjuly –10th August 2003
  • 6th Indian Agriculture Scientist and Farmer’s Congress organized by Bioved Society from 21-22ndFebruary2004.
  • Attended 3 days National Seminar on “stress in modern living”, from 11th-13th January       2005, sponsored by UGC.
  • Received 10 days training in Computer Aided Designing (Pattern Making, Grading & Marker Making) under TUKA TECH, Delhi, India (Software Company for Pattern making & Textile Designing). 15th-25th June 2006
  • Attended 10 days short course on Interior Planning and Decoration: A Professional Perspective sponsored by ICAR ,New Delhi at G.B.P.U.A.T, Pantnagar from Jan 17-27,2006.
  • Poster presentation entitled, “Development of Fusion designs using traditional embroideries for innovative entrepreneurs” in the Platinum Jubilee International Conference organized by Lady Irwin College, New Delhi from 4th to 6th October 2007.
  • Received 10 days training on Revit Architect 2008,software in Interior Designing, organized by CAD studio( Authorized training center of Autodesk )
  • Three days National workshop on Madhubani Painting sponsored by UGC from 21-23 December 2009
  • One day workshop on stitch craft organized by Usha International on 6th November 2009 at Halina School of Home Science,SHIATS.
  • Two days National conference on Traditional and contemporary trends in Family and Community studies from 24-2b5 Nov,2009 organized by BBAU, Lucknow.
  • One day workshop on Intellectual property rights and its protection organized by Council of Science and Technology,U.P on 29th January in Halina School of Home Science, SHITAS.
  • National seminar on women empowerment: direction, dimension and future-28-29 Aug2010, Ewing Christian college, Allahabad.
  • National Seminar on Impact of Environmental changes on Human life-20-21st Nov. 2010 organized by SSK Girls Degree College Allahabad.
  • National seminar on women empowerment in India: issues and perspectives. Allahabad degree college , Allahabad on 30-31 Oct 2010
  • Two days Workshop on Activity analysis and ergonomics-29-30th Nov 2010
  • National conference on changing status of families: Impact and quality of life- 15th and 16th February 2011
  • Attended national conference of Home science association of India from 4-6th Nov 2011 hosted  by BBAU, Lucknow.
  • Attended two days workshop on Ergonomic workplace Analysis,conducted by RECOUP Neuromusculoskeltal Rehabilitation Centre,Bangalore ,organized by ANGRAU,Hyderabad from 9-10 Feb 2012.
  • Attended ICAR sponsored winter school 21 days training programme on Advances in Ergonomics Research and product Design-Application to Interior Space and Functional Needs of Indian Population from 1-21 February 2012,organized by Center for Advanced faculty training in Home Science, Dept 0f FRM,ANGRAU, Hyderabad.
  • Attended 10 days workshop on Adobe creative Suite 5.5 design standard organised by Kamtron from 21st May to 31st may 2012.
  • Attended two days national workshop on Consumer Awareness and Protection from 17th -18th Oct 2012,Dept of FRM, Ethelind School of Home Science, SHIATS
  • Attended two days National Workshop on Child Abuse :Trauma Threats and Remedies ON 22-23rd Nov 2012 , Dept Of HDFS , Ethelind School of Home Science, SHIATS
  • National workshop on Gender issues and Challenges on 19th Oct 2012 organised by Dept of Anthropology and Agri.Ext and Communication, SHIATS.
  • 7 days National workshop on Health, fitness and Recreation from 21-27th September 2012 Organized by Dept of Physical Education, SHIATS.
  • Two days National seminar on Vocationalisation of secondary Education on 13-14th April 2012 organised by Faculty of Humanities,SHIATS
  • A days National Workshop on recent advances in new inclination in biological science on April 18th 2012 organized by Dept of Biological Sciences, SHIATS.
  • One day Seminar on “ Crime against women: Focus on sexual Violence organized by Joseph school of business studies on 14th March 2013.
  • Two days National Seminar on Emerging trends in food safety and food standards in India,organized by Department of Foods and Nutrition from 28th Feb. to I march 2013
  • Attented 21 days UGC sponsored special winter/summer school from 25.5.13 to 16.06.13 organized by UGC Academic staff college, University of Allahabad.
  • Two days National Seminar on Forensic investigation and crime scene management, their role in justice Delivery System”, organized by Department of Forensic Sciences, SHIATS from 13thto I4thSeptember 2013
  • One day International seminar on “What is intelligence?” organized by TRIVITOS, Academy for emotional intelligence in association with University of Oxford and Yale University on 5th October 2013.
  • 18 Days training on Laboratory instrumentation organized by Microtech Engineers    from 6-24th September 2013
  • 7 days training on HACCP from 25th -1st Oct 2013 organized by Ethelind School of Home Science, SHIATS
  • Two days seminar on Pastoral care and counseling organized by GPST, SHIATS from 4-5th April 2013.
  • Two days workshop on Protected cultivation of Horticultural crops and Value addition organized by Allahabad school of Agriculture, SHIATS, from 29-30th November 2013.
  • One days workshop on “Intellectual property and Innovation management in Knowledge Era, held at SHIATS,Allahabad on 7th November 2013
  • Two days international conference on Scientific and Technological Advancement: Social Issues and Health Concerns organized by BBAU, Lucknow on 18th -19th February 2014.
  • National workshop on sensitization of e-resources held on 9th April 2014 in collaboration with ICAR,New Delhi and SHIATS,Allahabad.
  • One day brainstorming workshop on Family Farming: Mainstreaming Smallholder Farmer’s Agenda in Agricultural Education, research and Extension, organized by SHIATS ,Caritas India and AFPRO on 25th August 2014.
  • 5 days workshop on Papier Mach’e-craft of Kashmir, 23-27 February 2015. Organized by Department of FRM, HOME SCIENCE, SHIATS

Conference/Workshop Co Organized

  • Workshop on Activity analysis and ergonomics-29-30th Nov 2010
  •  National conference on changing status of families: Impact and quality of life-Feb. 15th and 16th February 2011.
  • Two days National Workshop on Child Abuse :Trauma Threats and Remedies ON 22-23rd Nov 2012 , Dept Of HDFS , Ethelind School of Home Science, SHIATS
  • Papier Mach’e-craft of Kashmir, 23-27 February 2015. Organized by Department of FRM, HOME SCIENCE, SHIATS

Teaching Experience
  • Presently working as Assistant Professor( Sr.Sc) in the Department of Family Resource Management, Ethelind School of Home Science, Allahabad Agricultural Institute-Deemed University, Allahabad, India since July 2002 till date.