Dr. Sahja Nand Thakur
Dr. Sahja Nand Thakur
Assistant Professor

Department of Dairy Technology
B.Tech (DT) ; M.Tech. (DT). Ph.D;
Area of Specialization
Processing of Milk and Technology of Dairy Products
Phone No
sahja.thakur@shiats.edu.in, sahja.thakur@shiats.edu.in

Educational Details
Ph.DSHIATS-DU, Allahabad2015
M.TechW.B.U.AFSC, Kolkata2006
B.TechAAIDU, Allahabad2004

Professional Summary

Dr. Sahja Nand Thakur is at present Assistant Professor in the Department of Dairy Technology at Warner School of Food & Dairy Technology of SHIATS Deemed University, Allahabad. He is a member of various societies like Indian Dairy Association, New Delhi, Association of Food Scientists and Technologists India (AFSTI). He has obtained his B. Tech. Dairy Technology degree from Allahabad Agricultural Institute, Deemed University, Allahabad. After graduation he completed M. Tech. Dairy Technology from West Bengal University of Animal & Fishery Sciences, Kolkata. He has completed his Ph. D. degree in Dairy Technology from SHIATS-Deemed University, Allahabad. Dr. Thakur has attended various conferences/ seminars/symposium. Dr. Thakur has published various articles in reputed Journals.


Teaching skills and expertise in various subjects of Dairy Technology such as 

  • Market Milk
  • Fat Rich Dairy Products
  • Traditional Indian Dairy Products
  • Cheese & Fermented Dairy Products
  • By-products Technology etc. 

Area of Research Interest:Considerable expertise in the area of dairy processing with special emphasis on functional dairy products and value added products specifically in traditional dairy products.

Students Guided:

  • M. Tech/M. Sc: 33

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Teaching Experience

09 years of Teaching & Research Experience