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Department of Marketing
Marketing is of interest to everyone, whether marketing goods, services, properties, persons, information, ideas, or organization. It deals with the whole process of entering markets, establishing profitable position and building loyal customer relationship. The Department of Marketing is committed to cultivating an experientially based, hands-on, applied learning environment for the study, teaching, research, and practice of marketing. The Department strives to foster a relationship-marketing focus in its mission of teaching, research, and service directed to students, faculty, alumni, the business community, and the marketing profession. The Department of Marketing's differential advantage is based on the development of a superior relationship among students, faculty and the business community by focusing on its core competency of acquiring and disseminating knowledge through active, experimental methods of research and teaching. The vision of the department recognizes the ongoing paradigm shift in marketing from a transaction to a relationship orientation.

The students in the Institute of Management experience the utter reality of marketing management through case studies and discussions. The main focus these days is on exploring opportunities in the new economy with respect to globalization. The focus today is also on customer relationship management. The students of Business Studies are taught to cope up with the changing trends in marketing management. The Department of Marketing concentrates on vivid areas like digital marketing, retailing, product and brand management, consumer behavior, advertising, international marketing, etc.