Dr. Archana Chandra
BA; MBA; D.Phil;

Joseph Institute of Business Studies,
Shuats, Rewa Road, Naini-211007
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Email: sdean_bstudies@shiats.edu.in

Department of Human Resource
Human Resources is a specialized field of management. Managing live resources i.e. human beings in the organization is the most challenging and complex task for managers. Sound HR practices are inevitable for any business organization to expand and grow. The prosperity of any business organization depends on well-managed manpower which, in turn, reflects on the financial health of the company and leads towards a robust and buoyant economy.

The Department of HR, through its continuous efforts on research in diverse, upcoming and recent trends in the area of HR, has been able to place itself as one of the fastest growing and progressive departments. To stay abreast of the changing business environment and develop a zest for implementing innovative and creative ideas, are the key objectives of the Department. With its undaunted and invigorating efforts the Department strives towards achieving standard benchmark practices and overall academic excellence in the area of management education in the country.