Dr. (Mrs) Shabana Mazhar
B.Com.; M.Com,; D.Phil; NET

Joseph Institute of Business Studies,
Shuats, Rewa Road, Naini-211007
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Department of Finance Management
The present economic challenges that have gripped the world economy stress upon the proper utilization of finance by individuals, business houses and government bodies. Efficient utilization of finance is the hallmark of success in any organization and the Department of Finance tries to inculcate technical and managerial capabilities in scholars for a better management of finance. The aim of the Department is not only to inculcate among students, analytical ability and logical reasoning for judicious decision-making, but also to prepare students for taking various responsible positions in various organizations. The Department of Finance has been imparting education in the field of corporate finance, financial market, financial services, investment management, microfinance, financial planning, taxation, accounting, etc. to both Indian and foreign students. With the help of energetic and experienced faculty members, the Department of Finance is also engaged in the area of research. Students who specialize in finance have opportunities in the field of banking, insurance, brokerage firms, credit rating agencies, NGOs, etc.