Dr. Ashish Alexander
B.A, M.A, Ph.D;

Head of Department,
Shuats, Rewa Road, Naini-211007
Phone: +91-532-2684857 
Fax: +91-532-2684593, 2684394
Email: head_eflng@shiats.edu.in

Department of English
The department provides a variety of courses in technical writing and professional communication as well as spoken English to almost all the departments of SHIATS catering to the needs of the gamut of students, from undergraduate students to the doctoral candidates. It also runs specialized postgraduate courses in both languages and literature streams. The rigorous, well-structured and up-to-date syllabi for MA courses are aimed at enabling and empowering a new generation of scholars and professionals. Through its co- and extra-curricular activities, the department seeks to achieve the all-round development of its students, and equip them to succeed in the job market as well as to lead a life of true fulfilment. The department also offers Ph.D. degree in English.

Teaching Staffs

Dr. Ashish Alexander
Associate Professor 

Dr. P. Immanuvel Premkumar
Assistant Professor 

Dr. (Mrs) Apsara Stanley
Assistant Professor 

Dr. Hira Bose
Assistant Professor 

Dr. (Mrs) Shivani Sanjer Verma
Assistant Professor 

Mrs. Amy Gracelyn Paul
Assistant Professor 

Dr. Shikha Chatterjee
Assistant Professor 

Mr. Deepak Ransom
Sr. Instructor 

Ms. Amrita D. Singh
Non Teaching Staffs

Mrs. Mercy Rajan

Mr. Rohit George

Mr. Gopal Kumar