Dr. Manish Kumar Srivastava
B.Sc, M.Tech., Ph.D;

Head of Department,
Shepherd Institute of Engineering and Technology,

Shuats, Rewa Road, Naini-211007
Phone: +91-09415059219
Fax: +91-532-2684394
Email: head_eee@shiats.edu.in

Department of Electrical Engineering
The Department of Electrical Engineering has been playing a vital role in producing scientist and technologists of highest caliber ever since it was established. The department offers two programmes in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and Electrical Engineering at its undergraduate level and three programmes in Control and Instrumentation, Power System, Power Electronics at postgraduate level. Besides the classroom teaching, research work is also given specific attention and focus. The department is also running Ph.D. programme on various specialized topics of Electrical Engineering.

Teaching Staffs

Dr. Manish Kumar Srivastava
Associate Professor 

Dr. (Mrs) Jyoti Shrivastava
Assistant Professor(Sr. Grade) 

Er. Vinay Kumar Tripathi
Assistant Professor 

Dr. (Mrs) Pratibha Tiwari
Assistant Professor 

Mr. Sudhanshu Tripathi
Assistant Professor 

Er. Roshan Nayak
Assistant Professor 

Er. Dharmendra Singh
Assistant Professor 

Mr. Anupam Masih
Assistant Professor 

Er. Namita Jaiswal
Assistant Professor 

Dr. (Ms.) Sarika Kalra
Assistant Professor 

Er. Arun Masih
Junior Lecturer 
Non Teaching Staffs

Er. Aaron E. Singh
Technical Assistant 

Mr. Shailendra Kumar
Sr. Lab Technician 

Mr. Jyoti Kumar
Lab Assistant 

Ms. Malini Paul
Office Assistant 

Mr. Richard Higgins
Lab Assistant 

Mr. Alok Masih
Lab Assistant 

Mr. Vijay Kumar Paul
Lab Attendant 

Mr. Rajan Prakash
Lab Assistant 

Mr. Sunil Kumar Yadav
Lab Assistant 

Mr. Denis Daniel