In charge

Dr. (Mrs) Priyanka Singh
B.A;M.A (Mass Com);M.A.(Vis Art);Ph.D

Head of Department,
Shuats, Rewa Road, Naini-211007
Phone: +91-532-2684857 
Fax: +91-532-2684593, 2684394

Department of Arts and Social Sciences for Women
The Department of Arts for Women was established in the year 2012. It is an interdisciplinary academic Department, which is working with the objective to build capacity of the women and girls focusing on, education, widening opportunities for employment and produce quality among students to support the universal call of knowledge based society to develop responsibility of a citizen towards creative leadership, productivity and fostering social and spiritual values, and harmony in the family and community.

To enlighten and empower young women to meet the challenges of the world by building strong character oriented individuals with economic independence, by imparting value-based education and to promote humanity with education that aids in building good citizens to launch the nation into the global league.Education is the greatest known catalytic agent for social change and is the foundation for the overall development of the nation. The Department of Arts for Women is providing the best opportunities to students and prepares them to meet the challenges on global level in coming years. The Department of Arts for Women, has an excellent and committed team of faculty members. Teachers provide supportive environment to their students.

Teaching Staffs

Dr. (Mrs) Priyanka Singh
Assistant Professor 

Ms. C Blessy
Assistant Professor (Temporary)