Dr. Sam A. Masih
Dr. Sam A. Masih
Assistant Professor

Center for Transgenic Studies
B.Tech (Biotech) ; M.Tech (Biotech)
Area of Specialization
Renewable Energy, Animal Cell Culture
Phone No
sam.masih@shiats.edu.in, sam.masih@shiats.edu.in

Educational Details
M.TechS.R.M University, Chennai2009
B.TechAAI DU2007

Professional Summary

         Dr. Sam A. Masih is serving SHIATS-Deemed University as Assistant Professor from 2009. He has studied B.Tech. Biotechnology, M. Tech. Biotechnology followed by Ph.D. Biotechnology and MBA in Human Resource. He is currenly at Centre for Transgenic Studies and teaching to Ph.D. students while involved in research on Renewable Energy and Water remediation. During his doctoral research, Dr. Masih successfully generated 1.1 Volt electricity (highest cited) and second highest cited Chemical Oxygen Demand. He has author of over a dozen publications in National and International Journals. Dr. Masih was selected as one of the world’s foremost achievers in Microbial Fuel Cell field by the Who’s Who in the World® 2016 (33rd Edition) published by Marquis Who’sWho. NJ. USA. Apart from this, he is Editorial Board member of various reuted International Journals like American Journal of Life Sciences, Journal of Energy and Natural Resources, Science Journal of Energy Engineering, Journal of Energy and Natural Resources etc. and reviewer of various International journals.  



Dr. Masih has expertise in various Biotechnology techniques including: Fuel cell technology, Water Quality Analysis, Mammalian Cell culturing, Western Blotting, ELISA, Viability Assay, Genomic DNA Isolation from Muscles and Blood, DNA Digestion, DNA Ligation, Competent Cells Preparation, Agarose gel electrophoresis, DNA amplification by PCR, C-banding, G-banding, FISH, RNA Isolation, SDS page, Native page, Plant  Tissue Culture, Basic microbial techniques, Enzyme purification techniques.

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  1. Attended 2 Days Seminar (28-29 April 2005) “Advanced Frontiers in Biotechnology” at Bareilly College, Bareilly.
  2. Attended 2 Days Seminar (25-26 March 2006) “Emerging Trends in Food Processing Industries” H.B.T.I. Kanpur.
  3. Attended 2 days workshop (13-14 Dec 2007) on “Sustainable Biomass Conversion through Large Scale Composting-process principle, and technologies” at SRM University, Chennai.
  4. Presented poster in International workshop on “Recent Advances in Bioengineering” entitled, “Assessment of Genetic variability among fresh water Murrels using RAPD markersat SRM University, Chennai.
  5. Presented poster on “97th Indian Science Congress”entitled, ““Effects of Deprenyl on T47D Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines and MAPK Signalling Pathways” University of Kerala, Kerala.
  6. Participated in “Faculty Development Programme (SPSS)” on November 26, 2007 at SRM University, Chennai.
  7. Attended one day National symposium on “Advances in Transgenic Technology and its Impact on the National Economy” at Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agricultural Technology and Sciences, Allahabad.
  8. Attended three days (July 29-31, 2010) International Conference on Bioengineering at SRM University, Chennai.
  9. Won IInd prize for poster on  Electricity production from water of river Yamuna using Microbial Fuel Cell at UGC sponsored National Conference on Innovations in Modern Biology (16-17 Jan, 2012) Organized by Department of Zoology, Meerut College, Meerut.
  10. Presented poster on  A Sustainable approach for waste water treatment in Microbial Fuel Cell and electricity generation at National Conference on Chemistry : Role and Challenges (25-26 Feb, 2012) organized at Ewing Christian College, Allahabad.     
  11. Presented poster on Effect of Sucrose on Electricity production from water of river Yamuna using Microbial Fuel Cell at National Seminar on Environmental concerns and sustainable development : Issues and Challenges for INDIA (2-4 March, 2012), organized by Environment and Sustainable Development, BHU, Varanasi. 
  12. Attended workshop on IPR management at SHIATS on 12th Nov, 2013
  13. Presented poster on Microbial Fuel Cell at International Conference, “Biosangam” (21-23 Nov, 2013) at NIT, Allahabad.
  14. Participated in IPR awareness workshop on 07th Sep, 2016 at SHIATS-Deemed University, Allahabad.

Teaching Experience

        Dr. Masih has teaching experice of more than 07 years while involved in teaching various courses to Undergraduate, Post graduate and Ph.D. students viz. Research Methodology in Genetic Engineering,Cellular & Chromosomal Manipulation in Crop Improvement, Spectral & Bio separation  Technique, Advances in Transgenic Technology, Development in Transgenic Animals, Animal Cell Culture Techniques, Animal Biotechnology etc.

       Apart from teaching, he is member of Borad of studies of various departments of University, Member of Doctoral Reasech Committee, University observer for SHIATS entrance exams and University Councelling team. 




Dr. Masih was selected twice for Summer Research Fellowship for the year 2011 and 2012 by prestigious Indian Academy of Science and Selected as one of the world’s foremost achievers in Microbial Fuel Cell field by the Who’s Who in the World® 2016 (33rd Edition). Published by Marquis Who’sWho. NJ. USA